What is a Chocolate Meltaway?

What is a Chocolate Meltaway?

Here at Kacao we are very excited at the return of the Meltaways. These were a product founder Kelsey had as the very first range of chocolates and we must admit they are delicious. As the business grew and new products were introduced the Meltaways were taken off as they weren’t the most practical product in the summer months!

Now we have revisited the recipe and made some tweaks to make them even more perfect to enjoy all year round. You might recognise some of the flavours, but we have also added some new ones too!

The new range includes: 

  • Parma Violet Gin Meltaways
  • Rose and Vanilla Meltaways
  • Toasted Coconut Meltaways
  • Salted Peanut Meltaways
  • Rhubarb and Ginger Meltaways

So what exactly is a Meltaway I hear you ask again?

We make these soft centred chocolates using an odourless coconut oil so this means we get all the great qualities of the coconut oil without the coconut taste.

Coconut oil has a much lower melting point than chocolate so even just on touch the oil will start to melt. When using this in the chocolates we get a rich and creamy texture that literally melts away in your mouth as you eat it.

The other great thing about the Meltaways is we are not using fresh cream like in our truffles. Although we LOVE the fresh cream truffles, we cannot get a long shelf life (and although not a problem in our kitchen! we do understand the need of customers to sometimes but gifts in advance…. These are now the perfect alternative!

Using natural ingredients such as alcohols, oils, butters and pastes we have made this collection to sit aside the truffles. With the same soft centre and delicious taste you have even more chocolate goodies you can’t resist.

For anyone looking for milk free alternatives the dark chocolate Meltaways (salted peanut and rhubarb and ginger) do not contain any ingredients of diary. As we hand make all our chocolates in one kitchen we do not make the claim to be ‘free from’ but for those avoiding the main ingredient of diary these are great!

The only question left to ask is which one will you try first???