Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging

As a company here at Kacao are trying to do our bit in reducing our waste and making our packaging more sustainable. 

We have been making small gradual steps over the last year but we thought it was time we made sure you all knew what you can now expect from your Kacao products….

One of the biggest changes we have made recently is to swap out all of our Polypropylene bags for Natureflex bags.

Natureflex film is both biodegradable and compostable in compliance with EN13432. This film breaks down within a natural environment within 22 days and actually helps to enrich the soil in the process.

These can be found across our whole range so anything which looks like it comes in a ‘plastic bag’ or ‘plastic window’ will now be natureflex.

The other largest aspect to our packaging is the cardboard sleeves/ boxes you will find on many of the products… these should all be widely recycled. Currently you will need to remove the label before recycling these boxes but we are making the move to fully recycled and recyclable labels…. So if you see a slight difference across our ranges this is because we are slowly changing over.

We use glass jars for our chocolate buttons which are recyclable but we also encourage you to reuse these… the possibilities are endless. And you can create amazing things with the ribbons from the boxes and buttons too!

For the few items of packaging which still contain small elements of plastic we will be addressing these next for a more environmentally friendly solutions.


In our kitchen we are consciously trying to use less single use plastics, so use less piping bags and materials such as cling film. We are actively thinking about these when developing new ideas so we can cut down the need for these all together.


And lastly in our shop…. We use paper carrier bags and all our leaflets have been printed on recycled card made from 100% consumer waste and are recyclable once you have finished with them.

When picking your selection of loose truffles from the shop counter our ballotin boxes are made from the husks of cacao beans and are 100% recyclable.

I hope this has given you confidence to shop our luxury products knowing us and and you can do our bit to give back to our wonderful planet.

Any questions we are happy to help so please drop us an email via the contact us form or give us a call in the kitchen - 01748 473053

Thank you
Kelsey and the team x