Supporting our small business

Supporting our small business

I have been running a small business now for nearly 8 years I have seen so much support and met so many amazing customers. From the first sale I ever made to today what never changes is that feeling when the online shop ‘bings’ or the till goes in the shop…. Que happy dances from us all!

Every sale which comes in is our customers voting with their money… You are choosing to support our small business and directly support our communities. They keep my personal dream alive for running a business and working for myself, allowing all of us to keep creating amazing chocolate.

So for that… Thank you!



The focus of me now is to grow the foundation of our business again… we grew fairly rapidly over the last couple of years and this is AMAZING, but it does lead to certain plans ‘going out of the window’ as time is not endless. Now we have found our feet with all our new customers and stockists on board I want to show more than ever what we at Kacao are capable of.

You can expect to see our faces more often over on Instagram, Facebook and now Tiktok! We want to showcase all our lovely products and give you all a better insight into the goings on at Kacao HQ.

We will be doing monthly newsletters to keep everyone up to date with the changes here. And also, we are introducing our Product of the Month which will come with its own amazing monthly offer… this is to give you the opportunity to try something new or treat a loved one. As well as monthly competitions and extras you need to keep an eye out for!

When you buy from a small business you are not just buying our delicious chocolate but you become a part of our own little chocolate community. And I hope by being more active in letting you all peek inside Kacao you can LOVE our brand as much as that favourite chocolate bar which keeps you coming back!

So, that’s all from me right now

Kelsey x