Ruby Chocolate!

Ruby Chocolate!

Have you tried Ruby Chocolate? Well, we hadn't either until recently, so let me tell you a little more about the new gem of the chocolate world.

Ruby Chocolate is the most amazing chocolate discovery in 80 years... wow!

The wonderful gift of Mother Nature has truly surprised us with a whole new chocolate colour and taste sensation. Discovered in the ruby cocoa bean, without any colourants or fruit flavourings. A sensation of ruby colour with intense fruity and fresh sour notes. 

At Kacao we are known for our unique and inventive chocolate flavours. But this time we wanted to ask our wonderful customers what they think they might enjoy being paired with Ruby Chocolate?

Throughout August and September we will be sending you a FREE bar of Ruby Chocolate with every order. We would love to hear your suggestions on some new creative flavourings to pair with it. The best combination suggestion will be brought into our collection as a new product and we will make sure that you get to try the finished product for yourself.

Exciting, hey!

Get your thinking caps on and please let us know your thoughts by tweeting us @kacaochoc or emailing