Kacao Wholesale Spotlight Series Three

Kacao Wholesale Spotlight Series Three
We are very proud to be stocked in "2017's Deliciously Yorkshire Best New Business Winner", Minskip Farm shop. Run by a team of young enthusiastic farmers who sell their own fabulous produce. From lush vegetables to golden yolked eggs, Ben is behind the wonderfully fresh produce their shop provides. You will find Em running all things shop as well as being a highly acclaimed author! Supported by their four bright and vibrant shop helpers, they run their enterprise seamlessly.

They have a small gang of friendly lambs from Farmer Ben's family farm near Helmsley, they were orphan lambs that have become strong and healthy from being bottle fed by the kind customers. There are three little Kune Kune piglets which will definitely put a smile on your face, they also help the farm dispose of any waste veg! Last but certainly not least make sure you visit Thomas and Rupert, the donkeys who live happily with the sheep in the paddock.

An exciting bonus to your visit can include a tour around the flavour bursting veg garden. All of their produce is treated with tender loving care ensuring the best taste for their loyal customers. 
On of our favourite branches of Minskip Farm shop is their fresh fruit, veg, sea food and egg boxes. All available to be ordered online and delivered to your door in re used veg boxes from the market. 

We feel the Minskip team are way ahead of their game when it comes to the farm shop industry and we are so thrilled to be a part of their journey! We asked them to be a part of our Wholesale Spotlight Series so we could get to know them a little better, here are their answers to our questions -

1. Describe your shop in three words -
Wholesome, fresh, local.

2. What do you love about Kacao?
The luxury of it! It's everything chocolate is meant to be: both sustainable and delicious. The Hot Chocolate Stirrers are one of our favourites! They literally melt in the mouth.

3. How do you find new interesting suppliers?
We look for producers who hit our criteria of being local as well as producing excellent quality suppliers.  We try everything before we stock and try to always keep our customers in mind. We love solving problems and delighting our customers!

4. What is the main attraction for customers visiting your shop?
Eggs, eggs, eggs! They are laid on the farm here - at most - the day before they find their way into the shop and then perfectly poached on your plate.  We also stock the very best fresh produce.  Customers also love our local focus - over 96% of what we sell is sourced within 30 miles of the shop!

5. Which of our Kacao products do your customers love the most?
Let's just say, the Gin and Tonic Easter Eggs sold out the same day they were displayed...

6. Tell us a little more about your location -
We are nestled between the village of Minskip and the old market town of Boroughbridge just off the A1, jump off at J48 and you'll be with us in three minutes.

Thank you!