Did you see us on Channel5!

Did you see us on Channel5!
We are super excited here at Kacao Chocolateire to have been on the Telly! Proper Telly! If you missed us you can catch up on my5 on demand and we are episode 10 of The Wonderful World of Chocolate. We are pleased with our little feature and it shows off our beautiful location, shop and some great shots of the chocolate!

We were invited to take part in the programme as the producers had seen our website and social media and loved what we were doing. It just so happened at the time they wanted to come down we were just organising the opening of the newly refurbished shop and coffee shop. We put on a special one off afternoon tea for our guests and for the tv! Little did we know they would cut out all the points I said this was a special occasion and a one off!

They were with us for 2 days filming all together and it was such an interesting experience being filmed! I was super nervous to be on film and it didn't help all the cheesy lines they wanted me to say! - You can catch on of those line at the end of the clip! 

The response we have had since the programme aired has been unbelievable! So many orders coming through for people to try the chocolate, loads of new followers across our social sites and of course many enquiries about the chocolate afternoon tea!
And because of this we are going to give it a go! We will be offering a Chocolate Afternoon Tea on a booking basis where we will put together a whole host of chocolate treats for you to enjoy with a hot drink. We think this will be an amazing treat for people so if you fancy it get yours booked now! 
For more information see our Chocolate and Coffee Shop page
Thank you all for watching!
Kelsey x