Why is chocolate popular on Valentine’s Day?

Why is chocolate popular on Valentine’s Day?

They say that chocolate is the food of love – and who are we to disagree.

But why is there such a big connection between the two? As we approach Valentine’s Day, we thought we would find out where this relationship comes from and why the best way to celebrate our love is with delicious sweet treats. 


It seems chocolate has been referred to as ‘The Food of the Gods’ for quite some time - in 1861, one of the Cadbury’s Brothers created the first ever heart shaped box to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It then became tradition to mark the 14th February with chocolate.


The ingredients in chocolate also plays an important part. One of the sweet’s natural components is called phenylethylamine, commonly known as the love drug, and leads to feelings of excitement and attraction, which is perfect for February 14.

The UK loves chocolate

The average adult in the UK consumes around 7.5 kilograms of chocolate a year but we are outdone by Switzerland as it leads the way with its population each eating nine kilograms a year.

Men v Women

Perhaps unsurprisingly, women make most amount of the chocolate purchases during the year, however, men make the most purchases for Valentine’s Day.

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