Feedback from our Christmas Collection

Feedback from our Christmas Collection

Christmas was an extremely busy time for us at Kacao Chocolaterie but we loved every single minute of it! 

Our Winter Collection has been so well received and the feedback about our truffles, bars, boxes, hot chocolate stirrers and everything else has been incredible. We love hearing about our customer’s Kacao experience so much that we thought we would share some of the highlights with you.

It’s a happy day at Kacao Chocolaterie.

"We buy Kacao's chocolate button jars throughout the year as they are so unique, but the reindeer design with popping candy has definitely been our favourite so far."

"My husband is addicted to the salted caramel truffles - I can't keep him away from the shop!"

"We were so pleased to see the Christmas Pudding truffles back on the website this year, we've started to make it a tradition enjoying them on Christmas Eve with Kacao's Hot Chocolate Stirrers!"

"The Spiced Orange and Cranberry Meltaways were a lovely treat for the family, Kelsey explained that the coconut oil they are made with means they melt in your mouth - and they did just that!"

If you have any feedback on our latest Kacao Chocolaterie collection, we would love to hear what you think as it helps us to make our chocolates even better. Please get in touch.