My Christmas Wish

My Christmas Wish

At this time of year I always find myself reflecting on the year and everything I am grateful for.

As we approach Christmas it’s a time for family and I am very lucky to have such a close family who are so supportive. They are a massive part of Kacao Chocolaterie – everyone is always chipping in helping to taste new creations or manning the stall at our various events throughout the year.

This year especially has been really busy so I couldn’t have done it without my helpers. When you are a small business you learn to take all the help you can, whether it’s advice or physical labour, it’s always appreciated.

I have learnt a lot about running a business this year, as we have grown it has presented new challenges and issues that have needed to been overcome but we got there and these past few weeks have been amazing.

It has been a lot of late nights and hard work getting all the chocolates ready for all the various events throughout the region as well as the online and shop orders which have been coming in at an incredible rate. But it has been a brilliant festive season, I have loved meeting all the customers and receiving lots of lovely feedback – I take everything on board and I always welcome new flavour suggestions and tips on how to improve my product.

So my Christmas Wish for this year is that I hope everyone enjoys spending time with their loved ones and takes some time to appreciate what’s important in life.