The Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar

Earlier this week we officially entered December, which can only mean one thing – we get a chocolate treat every day.

I know this sounds silly coming from me – I have a chocolate company so I can have a truffle or chocolate bar whenever I have the notion. But I still love advent because it celebrates chocolate, and everyone – kids and parents alike – love chocolate. This is the only time of year that chocolate is actually allowed before breakfast and I used to love waking up in December and running to my advent calendar to see what goodie is behind that door.

And then on Christmas Eve there is an even bigger treat!

As you know, my love affair with chocolate started from a young age and it makes me so happy that I get to go to work every day and surround myself with delicious flavours and smells, while being creative and innovative. 

Happy December everyone, hope you enjoy your advent calendars.