My Favourite Chocolate

When your daily working life revolves around making chocolate, people sometimes ask me what is my favourite chocolate is from my range?

You would think it’s an easy question to answer, but it’s one that requires a great deal of thought.

 I have always had a passion for chocolate and Kacao Chocolaterie was born after my travels to South America where I became fascinated by the whole chocolate experience and journey. I have always been creative and wanted to show off my skills by producing amazing flavours and fusions of chocolates like I’d never seen or tasted before.

When I experiment with new chocolates every day, I create all sorts of treats that sometimes work and sometimes don’t, but when I get it right that new creation becomes my new favourite chocolate.

 From one day to the next my favourite chocolate choice changes, however here are a couple from my collection that I am loving at the moment.


Chilli Elderflower and Hot Apple Truffles

A mixed bag of Chilli Elderflower Truffles with luxury Fair Trade dark chocolate and Hot Apple Truffles with a honey ganache and chilli apple jelly in Fair Trade milk chocolate.

These fiery truffles are unlike anything I have tasted before and the chilli gives the dark and milk chocolate an extra kick. I started adding heat to the chocolate to see how the fusion of flavours would work and these combinations produced a product that always makes me want to go back for more.


Sesame Seed Thins

Another one of my personal favorites has to be my sesame seed thins. This creation is an incredibly popular choice amongst all my family and friends as well! The sweet and savoury mix of flavours from the chocolate and seeds combination creates a crunchy texture chocolate bite that I cannot resist.


Do you have a personal favourite from the Kacao collection? I would love to hear from you.