Enjoy a tipple with your chocolates…

Enjoy a tipple with your chocolates…

We love the weekend, it’s a time to put our feet up, relax, enjoy a glass (or two) of fizz and have a nibble on some of our favourite chocolates.

Chocolate and alcohol are a good pairing, and no that’s just not our excuse. It gives it an extra kick to can create an array of flavours and to bring our hidden notes you might not usually taste.

Here are some of our favourite Kacao chocolates to enjoy with a particular tipples…


When you think of prossecco you think of summer, relaxing on a weekend with friends, having a BBQ and the all important popping noise when opening the bottlle, it all sounds like our idea of heaven.

More often than not, it is mixed with a strawberry to give a fruity, summer flavour or a few sprigs of mint leaves to give it a fresh, awakening taste. So we think our strawberry elderflower truffles are the perfect accompaniment for that glass of fizz.


Rum is distilled from sugar cane residues and molasses (black treacle), which is used as a tasty ingredient for gingerbread, which is why rum and ginger flavoured chocolates taste yummy. 

If you haven’t tried it, you need to. Our ginger strips dipped in dark chocolate make for an unrivalled partner to a sip of rum. Just close your eyes and take yourself away to that white sandy beach in the Caribbean.


Known as ‘the alcohol of the moment’, gin is everywhere, with distilleries creating cool infused versions with all kinds of flavours. I always think of gin combined with a fruity or flowery flavour. Our lavender or rose and rhubarb meltaways go hand in hand with a glass of gin and tonic. Or if you are looking for a chocolate treat with a boozy centre in already, our raspberry gin truffles are an indulgent evening treat.


Whether you are a lover of rosé, white or red, different wines complement different chocolates. For those who love a glass of rose or white wine, the taste of white chocolate works perfectly together to create a sweet fusion of flavours. Dark chocolate is often mixed with red wine to bring out the deep tones in both. It might not feel like a summer treat, but it takes some beating on a warm summers night.

To enjoy any of our chocolates with a tipple, visit www.kacao.co.uk to buy online.