Hello Sunshine…

Hello Sunshine…

It has felt like a long time since we saw summer, but it is finally here, and we are welcoming it with our arms wide open. Although the sunshine sometimes doesn’t go hand in hand with chocolates, due to the annoying melting issues (which does taste amazing), but we love to keep our shop door wide open in the summer time and welcome our guests to Kacao HQ, as well as attending lots of summer events.

To us summer is all about the seasons, fresh, fruity flavours and living outdoors. And our latest collection of sunshine inspired chocolates, really are perfect for those holiday and BBQ treats,

Lemon and Honey Meltaways

These are the ultimate summer accessory, the lemon and honey are bursting with summertime flavours. We think they are the perfect treat with a glass of homemade lemonade or peach Ice Tea.

Chocolate Thins

These are always a popular choice, from the raspberry thins, sesame seed thins to the mixed chocolate thins, these are a great light bite in the summer time, so no need to feel guilty for enjoying these thins. 

Lemon and Passionfruit Truffles

It doesn’t get much better than lemon in summertime. And these truffles have a beautiful, tangy, zesty flavour. After much demand for our Kacao-oholic customers we decided to bring these sweet sensations back into our summer range – and so far, they’ve proved to be a big time hit.

Rose and Rhubarb Meltaways

These are our favourite the moment, our Rose and Rhubarb Meltaways are selling like hot cakes (or should that be cold cakes). We’ve got a fruity crush on these, with their mix of the soft pink Yorkshire fruit delicacy and with a hint of rose to create a truly sweet, perfumed flavour. 

Strawberry and Elderflower Truffles

We love to take a bite from these delicious truffles all year round, but in summer time they just taste exceptionally good. The summer taste from the strawberry and elderflower flavours are like heaven on a plate, we could eat the whole bag (or two) all day long. These are our award winning truffles from the Great Taste awards and we just can’t get enough of them. 

To buy some of our favourite summer chocolates or other chocolates from the collection, visit our website at www.kacao.co.uk