Why Chocolate and Chilli Works…

Why Chocolate and Chilli Works…

Now I know it might sound like a controversial combination, but trust me chilli and chocolate is just like cheese and crackers – a match made in heaven. 

It took a while to get used to the idea of combining two completely opposite ingredients, but once I got the right chilli flavour mixed with the chocolate, it was a taste sensation that gave off intense, unique notes and an unforgettable flavour that made me want more and more!

If you are a lover of surprises and all things hot, then our Chilli Elderflower truffles are just what you need. As you tuck in to the delicious chocolate, boom, the taste of the chilli bursts through to give your taste buds an explosion of flavours. The elderflower gives that sweet taste to complement the chilli, giving off a fusion of flavours. 

Chilli-chocolate lovers say it’s the ultimate chocolate experience, so if you haven’t tried it, you are missing a treat!

Did you know, the Aztecs were indulging in chocolate and chilli way back in the days, so we are not the first to think of this amazing fusion of flavours. Archaeologists have discovered vessels that contain both cacao pods and chilli mixed together to create a drink called Xocolatl. This was a special drink that was usually served at important ceremonies. Guess we are not as clever as we thought we were; the Aztecs beat us to it, but still it’s a chilli-chocolate fusion that you must try.

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What do you think of the chilli-chocolate mix?